What determines the price of MAFIA Token?

Firstly, it's important to note that MAFIA will have two prices:

  1. Redemption Price

  2. Market Price

Redemption Price:

The Redemption value is determined by how much PLS is raised in the pool relative to the total supply of MAFIA. The calculation is: (Staked PLS + Rewards) / Total MAFIA Supply

As new participants enter the PulseMafia pool, the MAFIA they'll receive will be determined by the Redemption Value price. On August 15, 2024 (Exit Date), holders of the MAFIA token will be able to use their MAFIA to receive their pro-rated share of the PLS rewards from the Validators.

Market Price:

There might be a secondary market of MAFIA on Pulsex. The price is determined by the open market, and PulseMafia has no influence over this secondary market. It's important to note that the market price may be valued at either a premium or discount relative to the Redemption price.

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