How does it work?

It's time that we, as a community, come together to form a mafia within the Pulsechain ecosystem (ie PulseMafia) that's tailored to both the big & small bag holders within the Pulsechain community.
By pooling our PLS together to create & compound our validators, not only do these whales help the smaller bag holders, but whales benefit from the frequency that we can acquire more validators (versus doing it solo). With enough smaller bag holders coming together, the whales benefit greatly.
It's one of the first projects where both whales & smaller guys benefit by joining a family together. United as one. Overall, this means more PLS for anyone within the Pulsechain mafia family.
Step 1 - Raising capital on an ongoing basis. Anyone that sends PLS will receive the MAFIA token that represents your share in the pool.
Step 2 - The Benevolent Wallet (BW), also known as "The Godfather," immediately starts creating validators shortly thereafter and mints new MAFIA token for those that contributed.
Step 3 - As soon as the Godfather acquires another validator (ie 32m PLS in rewards), he'll reinvest to compound its position. The Godfather will do this for a period one (1) year, which ends August 15, 2024. At the end of the 1 year, the Godfather will exit all of the validators and return the principal + rewards to the MAFIA token holders.